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You Go First: Meet the Secret Mystery Guest

August 25, 2007

On Friday, September 7th, the part of William Hall, normally played by William Hall, will be played by a secret mystery guest Rich Ross!

Rich Ross portrait

Rich Ross maintains a 300 gallon live coral reef system in his living room, breeds cephalopods, and is active in the reef aquarium community.

Oh, and he improvises too. Rich is a mainstage company member of BATS Improv, co-founder of San Francisco’s Start Trekkin’ – An Improvised Parody of the Star Trek Universe, and has performed with Fratelli Bologna and True Fiction Magazine. Learn more about Rich with these links:

Rich’s Bio at BATS Improv (link)

Rich’s MySpace page (link)

Rich’s personal Web site, (link)


Meet William Hall

August 15, 2007

William Hall portrait

William Hall has more than twenty years of experience in theatrical improvisation, including co-founding San Francisco’s BATS Improv and Fratelli Bologna. Learn more about William with these links:

William’s Bio at BATS Improv (link) (link)

William’s MySpace page (link)

Meet Tim Ereneta

August 14, 2007

Tim Ereneta portrait

Tim Ereneta first learned improv in Chicago more than 20 years ago. He was in the mainstage company of San Francisco’s BATS Improv for ten years, and performs with Storytellers Unplugged. He’s also a professional storyteller. Learn more about Tim from these web sites:

Tim’s page at (link)

Tim’s MySpace page (link)

Tim on William; William on Tim

August 1, 2007

From elsewhere on the Web, these comments:

“William is the best kind of improviser: one willing to gleefully push his partner off into the deep end of uncharted waters, but willing to jump in immediately after. Most of the pirate’s booty as well as shark bites I garnered in my improv career I owe to this man.” –Tim

“Tim… you are a very talented man… and your exploration of story is one of the things I most admire about you. That and your 23 inch waist.”  –William